Monday, October 31, 2011

Cain Allegations II// Electric lines/Nassau Elections

EDG writes:

The good news is that Herman Cain responded to the sexual harrassment allegations today. The bad news is that his explanation was not ovrly satisfying. First, he responded that these were anonymous sources that were leaking the allegations. So the allegations are false because the leakers don't want their names in the papers? The claims were settled for cash so it should be clear to him and the campaign who the accusers are. Second, and more important, he claimed on Fox News that he didn't know that both allegations were settled. He didn't know??? He was never told by his employer's attorney that two claims of sexual harrassment resulted in settlements and non-disclosure agreements??? His claims are absurd as to be improbable. Did he just find out about the settlements today? Was he shocked to find out that both claims resulted in settlements? While its not clear how much damage this will do to his campaign, for those of us who were disturbed by allegations by Paula Jones against Bill Clinton, these allegations should be just as disturbing to us. Personally I could not support a candidate who has been accused multiple times in a sexual harrassment context. Herman Cain should not be a candidate for President.

With millions of people losing power after this weekend's snow storms, isn't it time that electric companies begin putting lines underground. Losing power for a week was acceptable in 1965. We shouldn't have the same mode of delivery in 2011.
Next week's Nassau elections brings a real dilemma for a conservative like myself. Howard Kope the Republican county legislator for my area, supported the disgraceful Nassau Colliseum giveaway which was defeated by the voters. Yet his opponent is a Democrat and is worse on the other issues. Kopel deserves to lose but I will likely hold my nose and vote for him. I don't know what I will do what our State Senator, Dean Skelos, is up for re-election next year. Skelos, as the Senate head, allowed the gay marriage vote, the worst piece of state legislation in my lifetime. I will be voting against him next year- if the Senate can pass gay marriage with a Republican majority then a Republican majority is useless.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cain Allegations

EDG writes:

In a story which is making its rounds on the blogosphere, Herman Cain is being accused of being inappropriate with female employees at a previous job. It appears that so far the Cain campaign is being cute about the allegations and is hoping that they go away. I don't believe these allegations are going to go away without a strong statement by Cain that there are no truth to them. Despite his small lead in some polls, Cain remains a big question mark in the minds of many Republicans. He has never held public office and most had never heard of him before a few weeks ago. Any negative information could raise doubts in voters's minds, halt his momentum and throw him back to the end of the line.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Global Warming/Occupy Wall Street

EDG writes:

More evidence of global warming- the forecast for this Saturday (October 29) on Long Island is 36 degrees with a chance of snow.


As much as I would like to see the arrest of all of left wing hooligans who are treating Zuccotti Park as a public toilet, it will be entertaining to watch them try to survive a New York winter in an outdoor tent. As anyone who has worked downtown by the old World Trade Center can attest, the wind whipping off the water makes the winters in that area especially bitter.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marco Rubio/Ghaddafi/Cain/Shalit

EDG writes:

I am a big fan of Marco Rubio, the Republican Senator from Florida, but I didn't particularly like his response to the Washington Post's article about him this past week. The Post revealed that Rubio's parents left Cuba before Castro rose to power, not afterwards (as Rubio claims on his website). Rubio claims that he based his information on the fact that his parents always said that they arrived in the US in the 50's snd that they couldn't return to Cuba because of Castro. Therefore, he called his parents "exiles". He never asked his parents what year they got to the US? He never asked if they fled Cuba because of communism or because they simply sought a better life in the US? The story sounds implausible. He should apologize to the public and hope that this story does not interfere with his expected rise in Republican politics.

Ghaddafi's end was quite fitting for the evil life that he led. Perhaps because much of his evil was purpetrated during the 70s and 80s, many have forgotten how murderous Ghaddafi was. The world is a better place without him. Some credit must go to Obama for helping the rebels to victory, although the post-victory direction of Libya is as important as as the victory itself. It will be interesting to see how Libya is governed going forward. Meanwhile, the US should tell Assad that we are prepared to send him to the same place that Saddam Hussein, Ghaddafi and Bin Laden ended up unless he puts down his weapons aginst his citizens.


Herman Cain continues to lead in the polls which wouldn't be so scary if not for two facts- 1. He is wholly unprepared to be President or to answer interviewer's questions in a coherent fashion and 2.He has not even made an effort to build a national organization. As was pointed out today on ABC, his rise has much to do with Romney than with anything Cain has done or said.

Whatever one thinks of the Shalit exchange, one could not have been filled with joy at the sight of Shalit being reunited with his family. Nevertheless the Wall Street Journal's words in its editorial should be heeded "Sooner or later, Israel will learn the name of its next Gilad Shalit. Sooner or later, too, it will learn that the better course is to give its enemies reasons to think twice before taking hostages in the first place."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tonight's Debate

EDG writes:

I got a chance to watch most of the Republican debate tonight. The two most interesting parts was Rick Santorum telling Mitt Romney that he has no credibility on abolishing ObamaCare and the candidates ganging up on Herman Cain in challenging his ridiculous 9-9-9 plan. I thought Rick Perry did better tonight than he has in past debates. Maybe its not too late for him (or another candidate) to knock off Romney.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


during my absence -as I leave for Israel in the AM , my son Elli will blog if he has the time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IRAN _WHAT IS OUR RESPONSE? / Romney-inevitable?

If it is not an act of war, then what is?
This is what they did in Argentina, and mostly got away with it.I stood at the site of the bombed out Jewish Center in Buuenos Aires, as we said Kaddish for the victims.
The Iranians look at the US as a paper tiger,who will not respond.We have 2 wars and will condemn but not act.This is all the "Jimmy Carter foreign policy " of Obama.
Yes it was a lucky break that the perp chose an undercover DEA person to try to arrange the hit and the bombing.
If they had suceeded, but not taken blame, you would have fingers pointing at Al Quida, the radical right and a hundred other groups.The question is what will be ouir response?

The endorsement by Christie today,underines the weakness of Romney in the conservative world.The NYT reports Romney aides met often with the WH on his health care program.The Cain spurt may be real and lasting, because he does not change his position.Does he have a foreign policy?
Yet you may see the insiders _Thomas Dewey-Dole-Bush II and McCain wing be blown away by the grass roots.(IF PERRY FALTERS).
There is the question of money,staff and organization.However Cain is moving on his own momentum,and Black leaders are not happy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Intern Strike

In 1962 I was an intern in Beth-El Hospital in Brooklyn (now Brookdale).We were paid $1800 a year.We were allowed to bring our spouses to dinner(it was a kosher hospital)Sometime in the middle of the year we threatened to go on strike (perhaps we were out for a few hours).Our hours were terrible, especially on the surgery or emergency room rotation.
The hospital quickly gave in and our salary went to $4500,although they restricted the meals of spouses to 2 or 3 times per week.
I do not know enough about the conditions in Israeli hospitals to comment intelligently.

The NY Post as described in the Drudge Report shows clearly the atmosphere within the Wall Street mob.No doubt that the Socialist,communists, the Soros -like crowd are calling the shots.
The left thinks they are making progress,however as in Wisconsin when all the drums stopped beating the unions and the left could not win.

Fred Barnes has a column on the negative side effects of the multiple debates.Tomorrow will be a major test for Perry-if he cannot master the questions with style and clarity,I believe he will not be able to succeed.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Succoth embargo / anti-semitism on "WALL STREET"

Leave it to the Arabs to screw themselves, and spite themselves.As we approach succoth,Hamas has prevented farmers in Gaza from exporting Lulavim (FRONDS) to Israel.The loss is 1 million dollars.Similarly Egypt has done the same,although I am not sure it is a complete embargo.

The report that Iraq has been aiding Iran and Syria, shows the
ineffectiveness of the Obama leadership.When we withdraw, look for Iran to replace us as the major force.

It was very sad to see 2 films from U-tube shwing the anti-semitism of some "wall street demostrators" yelling about Jewish bankers and Jewish Wall Street.It is obvious that in addition to paid demonstraters,the union influence with the encouragement of the left wing of the Democratic Party is aiming to create havoc in America.As Herman Cain pointed out, it is to deflect Americans from the root cause of our problems-OBAMA
George Will has a column in which he points out the similarities to the anti-war demonstration and their negative effect on independent voters,with resultant Dem. losses.
How these Marxists could refuse to allow Cong. John Lewis to speak is dreadful.When I was involved,I knew Cong. Lewis from the day he came to Congress.A real civil-rights hero who marched with MLK.Though I don't necessarily share his views on many issues, he is a true gentleman and leader.The disrespect they showed to him, speaks to their views of AMERIKA!
Similarly the anti-war demonstration (anti-drone)at the Air and Space Museum where the demonstrators tried to abduct a security guard shows we are not dealing with"disgruntled " citizens, but anarchists intent to destroy our way of life.
Dems beware!

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Thursday, October 06, 2011


The attempt by the liberal -left to portray the demonstrations on Wall Street as the beginning of the "LEFT TEA PARTY" is really not a serious description.
Firstly-the Move-On.Org group is already affiliated with the Democratic Party. They have no place to go but stick with Obama and Pelosi.
Secondly -the infusion of the labor unions and allegedly Soros et al, simply says this is a way to embarress the Republican Party.
Thirdly-this group appears to be a copycat of the anti-war groups,and their ideas are more in the socialistic mode.
They have become confrontational and causing havoc in the streets.They want to change our way of govt.They could become more organized and help the Dems in Congressional races.however 2010 proved the left is in a free fall.
The American people have not aligned themselves with way out left groups in the past except in some very left leaning areas.
The battle will resemble Europe, and the generation expecting entitlments in every aspect of life.Today we found out that 50% of Americans are on the US dole-just as 50% pay no taxes.
This group will keep the press covering them as they become perhaps more violent.In the end they will dsappear back to their little minority niche,as the country turns against Obama and his economic policies.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nobel Prize /Washington doings / Cong Nadler

The awarding of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Dr Dan Shechtman is a great tribute to the man and to Israeli academic achievement.
The Arab world should lower their heads, and ask from all their billions of people,and billions spent on oil and armaments,how many Nobel Prizes have they earned?
The awards again are a recognition of Jewish intellect, as our people are well represented among the awardees.

I did not realize yesterday that Hillary Clinton actually submitted a brief to the Supreme Court asking them not to decide on the Jerusalem issue.
All of the religious streams plan to attack VP Biden's stridor in opposing the release of POLLARD
"Over my dead body"'WAS THE APPARENT QUOTE.
He has a big mouth and a loose tongue anyway.
Today the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Hosanna Tabor vs EEOC case..
This is a far reaching case that deals with the autonomy of religious institutions.The OU like many religious groups filed an amicus brief before the Court.The Govt contends that the First Amendement does not offer special protection to religious vs secular institutions.
Lile so many important cases this season, we will have to wait.

The rise of Herman Cain is an American fairy tale.I had never heard of him before he announced.I thought it was a joke.
The potential reality of a Cain nomination has yet to sink in.Certainly Obama could not pull the racism card.
The next debate will be critical.ain does not get flustered,and peopleike his straight talk.

Cong. Jerry Nadler today attacked the Republican House for increasing the amount to be spent in defense of the legal battle over the
"Defense of Marriage Act", since the administration refuses to do it.
I am sad to say that Jerry Nadler is a fellow graduate of Crown Heights Yeshiva.I traveled with him to Eastern Europe on one occasion, and i know he is no longer Orthodox.However to have lost the sense of committment to the definition of marriage as being between a MAN AND A WOMAN,to me represents the height of a misguided anti-religious intellectualism that feeds on a degenerate lifestyle and is a rallying call for a liberalism gone wild.
Like those in San Francisco who sought to ban cicumcision,there is a subset of Americans who abhor religion and conservatives and they are quite vociferous in their pleadings.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Jobs bill hypocricy /

You have to love the President-He runs ALL over the country yelling that he wants his "jobs bill" passed and back on his desk, and it is the Republicans who are blocking it.
Yoday Sen. Mitch McConnell took up the challenge and offered to bring the bill up for a vote.
Guess what-Sen Reid blocked it on a procedural matter,and in essence did not allow the vote-WHY?-NO DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT!
The problem is,that if the Pres. keeps yelling about the Rep. inaction, some people might actually believe him.

I assume in another 1-2 hours we will have the results from the W. Virginia special election.A Republican win will be another hit against Obama, who is very unpopular in this Democratic State.

Hillary Clinton attacked the US Supreme Court case that may force our country to recognize Jerusalem as part of Israel.I remember when she was a Senator, she spoke differently.She is as two-faced as they come.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Shabbat in London / Chriustie

It is very interesting that an area in London right outside a large synagogue has announced that they have created a hands -free traffic light for shabbat.The synagogue abuts a very busy and dangerous traffic crossing.Until now,if you dsired to have the traffic stop,you pressed a button that controlled the red-green light.Now,for the shabbat it will be on automatic,avoiding the dangers of a busy crossing, and of desecrating the shabbat.

The Christie phenomonon will come to a head on Thurs.Yes he may never get such an opportunity again.Yes he is not a perfect conservative, especially on social issues.I myself am not a gun advocate.
Howevever, in the real world,perfection may not be possible.We know he is tough.We also have seen him balance a budget,go head-to-head with unions,and be successful in dealing with Dems in Trenton.
Romney has no personality,too much a liberal on taxes,and his health bill is classical Obamacare.Can he master foreign policy and other economic issue quickly?
Perry I have to say may not have the intellect to stand up to Obama in debates.Too much of a cowboy.Bachmann ,Huntsman and Paul should call it a day.Newt, Cain are still longshots as is Palin-however I hope she does not decide to run. You cannot lose a Senate race by 17 points and then run for Pres.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Wall Street Demonstrations

Watching the Wall Street demonstrators as they block traffic, make noise raises some interesting questions.
The liberal press is trying to paint them as "tea party" activists on the left.
To me,they seem like a bunch of hippies,at an anti-war demonstration.They are loud,and annoying people at work(banging drums).They hold up bridge traffic, in violation of the law.They are poorly dressed except if you are in a revolutionary mode.The Tea -party came to political events,they confronted elected officials.They organized to run candidates for national office.They did not confront police.
When they went to Washington, they avoided inflammatory posters,and they cleaned up after themselves.
While it is not clear 100% what they are protesting,the economic crisis is hurting everyone.
If they are angry at the new $5 fee for debit cards,then firstly get rid of your debit card.Secondly go picket Sen Durbin or Barney Frank.
If they are angry at corporations,what are their solutions-? socialism-communism-anarchy?The European socialistic welfare state models have not been doing too well lately.
The wonderful thing about America is the potential for each citizen to get ahead, and become even wealthy.This is not the first economic downturn in America.Yet, despite people suffering at that moment of stress,when the economy turned around the country and individuals prospered.
The mortgage crisis and unemployment should be protested right at the door of the Democratic leadership who through Freddie and Fannie forced banks to give mortgages to unworthy applicants.
High taxes,massive regulations, mega-debt, political stalemate are all causes that should bring these people to Washington not the Brookly Bridge.
Class warfare sounds like a good slogan, but higher taxes will not create more jobs-it is only a mechanism for WEALTH REDISTISTRABUTION-AN OBAMA GOAL.