Sunday, February 12, 2012

English / priorities in America

We came back from Las Vegas and everyone asked the same question"did you win"?
Indeed I did win a great case of bronchitis and URI probably from a combination of the plane trip. and the cold temperature at the Grand Canyon,which is truly one of the wonders of the world.

A number of years ago, while driving on one of the highways off the Fla. turnpike,I asked the toll collector a question.Her answer was that she spoke no English.I was amazed.
Going to the airport in Miami ,despite my Gps I was lost.I pulled into one gas station after another (in Miami) -same answer No habla Englas.
The move to make English the national language has nothing to do with discrimination.My grandparents spoke no English when they came to this country.They tried the best they could,and their children born here made the most of this great country.
Schools,government jobs ,voting running for office should demmand a proficiency in English.

Saturday nites at 11 PM is my favorite TV show.It is the FNC rerun of the WSJ roundtable discussion on the politics of the week.Sind the original is on during the sabbath,this is perfect for me.
Last nite Whitney Huston passed away.Surely a great loss to the music world.But as in the deaths of Michael Jackson.Anna Nicole Smith and such mega-stars,is this the most important event that supersedes all others?
For hours all programs on cable were pre-empted ( including my WSJ).
Hundreds dead in Syria,fighting anew in Lebanon,riots in Greece,Iran threatens anew and so on,yet the world stops for the death of an individual talented,yet stricken like so many in her walk of life with the inability to handle fame and fortune.
I assume as long as the public doesn't complaign about such a misappropriation of news sources,this is what wewill be fed.