Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hugo Chavez / Media Matters

A NUMBER OF MONTHS AGO I WROTE ABOUT THE HEALTH PROGNOSIS OG HUGO CHAVEZ.Based on my experience as a Colo-rectal surgeon ,I was reasonably convinced that he had incurable perforated colon cancer of the recto-sigmoid.
After calling himself "cured" after ? multiple surgeries plus a series of chemotherapy, he now is going back for additional surgery for tumor tissue in the same region as the original lesion.
Although it is dangerous to diagnose on a patient that you have not seen ,and upon who they are not releasing any record=nevertheless, the prognosis is less than terrific. This is especially so, since the recurrence is so soon after the original surgeries.
Certainly this will impact the Presidential race.
It could not be happening to a more worthy candidate!

M j ROSENBERG of Media Matters the left wing anti-Fox mouthpiece writes in todays Al-Gezera that US Senators are placing Netanyahu's interests above that of the US in their verbal blasts at the Iranian nuclear efforts.