Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whutney Houston /Iran / Gaza

Just some brief thoughts
I cannot understand the glory and pomp and circumstance accorded to Whitney Houston.Yes she had talent-lots of people do.I enjoyed her role in the bodyguard.Yet she screwed up her life with drugs ,addiction and mismanagement of her fortune.
She cannot be an example for American youth.Have we lost our marbles to have a Congressional resolution for her? to lower the flags at half staff? why because she is black?Why not name a battleship for her a-la Cong Gifford?
What did she do to deserve such an honor?-get shot in the head for no reason,and worked hard to recover.Yes she is an example for people fighting adversity-but to name a ship?

A US General in advising Israel not to attack Iran noted that they are are responsible and prudent nation.If so it is even more reason to attack.For Iran has no fear of international sanctions or reactions.
To wit-the attack in Argentina,the failed attack on the Saudi Amb in the US,and all the recent attacks in India,Thailand etc.

In 2011 680 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel This year 30 have already been fired. The IDF is pushing for an assault on Hamas.