Thursday, February 02, 2012

Panetta--Iran - Israel

Why did Panetta make headlines with the story that Israel may attack in the Spring.?
Why make it public?Even though Iran surely realizes that Israel will not wait forever.
Was the announcement a warning to Israel-that they will go it alone?
Remember before the "67 war ,Israel was talking publicly as they are now.
As far as Iran responding ,they have no air force to speak of.Yes they have rockets but Israel believes that the damages,even with a Hezbollah attack (limited in nature would be more acceptable than a nuclear Iran.
Will they attack in Feb. to throw the Iranians off base?
Yes Obama will be pissed off, but he is in the middle of a tough election campaign,and he will not be able to punish Israel.
As I pointed out a few weeks ago Bibi scheduled Likud elections(this week) and probably snap elections soon, to prevent Obama from inteferring in the Israeli elections-especially if they were held after an attack.