Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am really excited to learn that the publisher (Ktav) of my latest book in the simcha trilogy "COMING OF AGE- divrei Torah on bar/bat mitzvah went to press today.They expect us to have the sefer before Pesach.
It has been a long haul and I hope that it will be well recieved.
As with the first two volumes,all proceeds will go to NCSY.

How sad to learn that the FBI has discarded 1000 training documents on Islam.
Under this administration the words" radical Islam" do not appear.Despite attempts by Islamic terrorists to blow up the Capitol,Army bases,airplanes and so on,our anti-terrorist experts play dumb.It is part of the appeasement of radical Islam by Obama.
This move came after FBI Director Mueller met with many Islamic groups.
Hopefully the next administration will correct this "political correctness" that is part of our national security weakness.