Monday, February 27, 2012

A huge Mitzvah / Ignorance !

We are told that the mitzvah of attending to an individuals funeral,or to help bury someone found on the road unattended is difficult to quantify.
I refer not to when an individual with a large family or community connections passes away,(this too is a mitzvah) but one without such support.
In NY there is the Hebrew Free Burial Society that provides graves for indigent Jews .
Today in Boynton,we had an opportunity to take part in such a mitzvah.A young lady fron NY called our Synagogue President.She said her 91 year old grandfather had passed away,and while there would be a graveside funeral,there was no minyan available.
Of couse we responded,and there was a good feeling that we could help a Jewish soul. This is called a "chesed shel emes"put simply it was a "favor' that the deceased could never pay back.

While I was at the cemetary, we recieved a UPS delivery. My wife was shocked, since the driver looked just like Rick Santorum.(she knows him both from TV and our reationship when I was active.
Sheila told the driver of his likeness. His response"Who is Eick Santorum?"
She noted that he was running for Pres, and besides looks, he also spoke a liitle like him.
He answered when he ges home tonite he will turn on the boob tube,and try to find this Santorum fellow!