Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama /Mitt

IF IT WERE NOT AN ELECTION YEAR,WHO KNOW HOW MUCH MORE OBAMA WOULD CUT FROM DEFENSE AID TO ISRAEL.Luckily the Congress especially the House leadership, will not allow significanr missle aid reductions at this critical movement.

The massive attacks by ROMNEY ,FIRST ON GINGRICH IN FLORIDA,and now on Santorum im Michigan leaves a bad taste in my mouth.I have a feeling that these latter attacks will not work out as well for Mitt, since it was much easier to attack the Gingrich persona.
If Mitt cannot beat Santorum here,the question is can he survive?

The polls keep changing evey few hours-but it is still 10 plus months to the election and a lot can change.

The Israelis are concerned the the Syrians are using poison gas.Like father like son-both cold blooded murderers