Thursday, February 16, 2012


Stacked away in the Obama budget is a plan to ask Congress to waive the prohition on the funding of UNESCO
After the PA applied for UN membership and were rejected, but accepted at UNESCO,the Congress cut off funding to UNESCO. Now Obama in his classical appeasement mode wishes to reverse that.
If approved it would send a signal that you can crap all over the US and get away with it.Hopefully the House and Senate will not go along.

Dr Yehuda David a French-Israeli physician was finally aquitted on libel charges by the French Supreme Court.
In 2000 a Palestinian child allegedly was killed by crossfire from IDF troops.It later came out that he may have bben killed by Palestinian snipers.Or, the whole thing was staged.
In the legal back and forth the father claimed torture by the IDF. showing scars that he claimed were of recent nature.
Dr. Davis wrote that the scars were old,and that he had been involved in the care of those scars years before.
The father sued for libel (defemation), and the lower court awarded him some money.On appeal all the charges were reversed,and he was found not guilty.
A long road to disprove Arab lies.