Monday, April 07, 2008

Condi Rice for V.P. ?

The last day or two have sen reports that Condi Rice is interested in the No. 2 slot on the Repub. ticket.
From a purely subjective point of view-I pray it is not her. She has not been a true friend to Israel.Rather she has played the State Dept."heavy", placing undue pressure on Olmert and the Govt.
Her role in N. Korea has been criticized by John Bolton as being ineffectual.
However from a political point of view, other than the fact that she is a black woman she :
1. has no political experience
2.has no political base or organization
3.We know nothing of her views on the Supreme Court, affirmative action, taxes or anything else
4.She is on academic leave-her interest is Russia
5.will allow the Dems to keep bringing up the argument that McCain is Bush-III
6.She has no record on economics or business.Above all else that is the McCain weakness
7.She is single-which may also be a negative for Charlie Crist
8.There is no State that is blue ,that she could carry (such as Crist could in Fla)
9. Black America does not look upon her as a true hero-thus against Obama she would add little.Adding a hispanic like Sen Martinez on the other hand (was he born in the US ?) would help, unless the Dems pick Richardson
10.She has no campaigning experience.The VP should be the "attack dog"
11.Never having been a candidate, she has no history of political fund raising.McCain needs a partner who can help him catch up to the Dem. money machine.
12.Finally -the newness of the idea would quickly wear off, and she would have to resign as Sec.of State the minute she became an active candidate-and abandon the Pres and his ME plans.She would be in the thick of Bush politics which is not what McCain wants.

Nope, let her finish her term, go back to academia,and allow us to await the next Sec. of State to put fresh screws on Israel.