Thursday, April 17, 2008

a different kind of holiday

As Jews prepare to celebrate the Pesach seder Sat. nite,a few thoughts have been recurring in my discussions with my wife.
We live in such an affluent society,that the the concept brought forth in the Haggadah in Aramaic, let all who are in need of a meal ,join our table is not a real need in our society.Thus the doors of the home in Babylonia were open during the seder for just such a purpose.
As we prepare for the High Holidays there is a sense of awe and trepidation.Our lives are on the line.Who will be taken by fire and water,and who will live and be enrichened.
Passover however, as more and more people elect to vacation in hundreds of exotic and not -so -exotic places( I am one of those people), it seems to me we have lost a great deal regarding the beauty and SPIRITUALITY of the Yom Yov.
Today we ask who else will be at the hotel ? how fancy are the buffets or the health club ? and so on.
Surely our young children who never witnessed the intimate family seders and the preperations at home will have missed something special-even if you have a private seder in your hotel.
For my wife and thousands of other wives,it is a blessing-no mitzvah to slave over a stove for an enlarged family.
Yet, nostalgia for the way it used to be is certainly in order.



I probably will not blog until after Pesach