Thursday, April 10, 2008

The OU prepares for the next decade '/ Food Poisoning / My College Trip

I had the pleasure yesterday of participating in an Executive Board meeting of the Orthodox Union.IT WAS A HISTORIC EVENT ON 2 COUNTS.
The bylaws have just been changed, so that the Exec. V.P. ,will in essense be the most senior member of the leadership.Up until now,it was the lay President that had that role.The goal of those who brought about that change, was for a more professional leadership.THIS WILL NOT NEGATE THE ROLE OF THE PRES,STEERING COMM AND EXECUTIVE BOARD THAT WILL SET POLICY.
These rules will come to pass, as the Union prepares for a new Exec. V.P. in 2009.
That individual will be Rabbi Steven Weil of L.A.
After an exhaustive and thorough search, Rabbi Weil, was the Search Committees unanimous choice.A graduate of Yeshiva College,with an MBA,he has distinguished himself in youth work as well as kiruv and adult outreach.
I know him well, from my days as OU Pres.His previous positions in Livingston NJ, Detroit,and now Beverly Hills have seen him mature into a dynamic leader with great vision.He is a powerful orator,and has the proven ability to reach out beyond the OU family to the Right and Left as well as the secular non-affiliated.His main strength is his warm personality and his ability to interact with the young and old.
I could go on,as I have been a fan of his for a dozen years.However,his youth and energy will attract a new corps of Rabbis and lay leadership to this flagship of American Orthodoxy.
I wish him, Yael and their seven children much success as they prepare over the next half a year to make the transition back to the East Coast.
From my personal point of view, I have a sense of excitement about the Union's future that I have not felt since I left my Presidency.


On the very day that the Shin Bet announces the arrest of two illegal Palestinians, sent by Hizbollah to poison the food in a Tel Aviv eatery where they work, Def. Misister Barak is granting 5000 more permits for Palestinians to enter Israel-a la Condi Rice.

Again I may be gullible-so bear with me.
Barak Obama,now says a college trip tp Pakistan should count for as much foreign policy experience as McCain or Hillary.
To me it seems like he is running for President of his high school student council.
If America truly believes such nonsense about "real-life experience" then they deserve the President they will get.Inexperienced, glib and ready to surrender.