Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright on Tour / No to a cease-fire

For whatever crazy reason, Pastor Wright is on a public blitz to share his wisdom with the press and with Americans in general.Sen. Obama cannot be thrilled about the talkative Rev.To paraphrase a WWII slogan, " loose lips ..sink campaigns".
What was disturbing to me is the positive reception that he received from the NAACP.All the Wright doubletalk, cannot hide his feelings toward America.
Wright asked how he could be unpatriotic to this countryif he served 6 years in the military?
In fact a naval seaman was just arrested for transmitting secrets from his naval unit to Islamic sources,while on service in the Persion Gulf.
We still hear no discussion re: the effects of Pastor Wright's sermons on the Obama children beibg exposed to years of black nationalism.

It would appear that neither candidate can reach the magic number before Florida .To call for her to withdraw somehow violates her ability to fight to the end and win a major floor fight.


The attempt to force a cease-fire in the Gaza to enable Bush's trip to look triumphant is ridiculous.Unless Hamas is prevented from using the time to re-arm, the IDF is right in opposing such an artificial halt to IDF activities.