Tuesday, April 01, 2008


As everyone knows, I am a conservative Republican,therefore I will attempt to maintain some extra-semblence of objectivity.
The entire primary season has been a lesson in silliness.The primaries present an opportunity for party members to choose their nominees.
Thererfore,the concept of crossover voting makes a mockery of the process.Yes, people can change their affiliation,however it should be done months before the voting.It is unfair for Dems to help choose the "weakest" Repub., and visa versa.
Secondly caucuses should be disallowed.It robs voters of "one -man- one vote" access.It favors yuppies with no children at home,and makes it difficult for people to participate since they often have to stay for many hours.The beauty of primaries,is that one can vote on the way to work,after work or in many states a few days early(or by absentee ballot) In addition the entire process ,as in Texas where there is a primary and at night a caucus,is a Rube Goldberg-Mickey
Mouse approach to confuse the public.One man-One vote!
Thirdly each candidate should pick a slate to represent them.If they choose famous people,or office-holders fine.However the concept of giving big-shots close to 40% of the vote in essence robs voters of having their ballots counted to the same extent.
If these officeholders simply want to attend the convention without committing themselves,fine -let them be non-voting machers.To have them convene 2 months before
the convention and trade voes behind closed doors denigrates the process.
Finally,no State should be deprived of its seats and votes.If in the case of Michigan and Florida they cannot agree,a re-do is a must.How can the Party hope to win in those 2 States after disenfranchising a few million primary voters?