Friday, March 28, 2008

Membership in the Wright Pew

Let me get this straight.
Sen. Obama said that had his Pastor not been.... (contrite,sorry, apologetic,remorseful ) .we are not sure , because no person heard Wright say anything..he would have left the Church.
Let's look a drop deeper- had there been no news stories why would Obama after 20 years of listening to hate suddenly get agitated?
Sans the negative publicity, Michelle, the kids and the Senator would surely have been silent regarding such preaching.
How can one differentiate the person from the message? ie." Hitler was a good guy-only his message was warped-I could no more abandon him than the whole German people " might intone the average German of the 1938-45 era.
One good thing about Wright, he is a non-discriminatory bigot.His latest tapes show attacks on Italians in addition to Jews( who of course are to blame for 9/11 ,and for murdering blacks and are worse than Nazis etc, etc.)