Tuesday, March 25, 2008


To listen to the talking heads, the problem with Hillary's description of her landing in Bosnia, undermines her " foreign policy experience" resume'.
I see it differently.
There are two different issues at work here.Firstly is her veracity.Did she lie? Beyond that, even if there were sniper fire in the area,how would that enhance her foreign policy experience?Running for cover is not exactly an exercise in policy or leadership .Simply, you are running to save your life-period.
As one who had my share of "red alerts" in Vietnam from RPG's (rocket propelled grenades) and mortars,I find that experience to be lacking in foreign policy leadership experience.
Over and above the fact that she fabricated the events, there is no independent evidence that as first lady she was anything more than a cheer-leader.She had no security clearance,attended no NSC briefings, and her role in Ireland appears to mimic her role in Bosnia.Indeed the one time she ventured into the public arena,she screwed up with Souha Arafat,and then denied she heard what everyone else heard.
On the other hand her opponent Senator Obama,has zero foreign policy experience.To my knowledge he has never visited Europe.He has been to Indonesia and Africa.His is an Afrocentric view of the world. His main interest is domestic, and it is hard to believe that we the American people would put our trust in a freshman Senator of such inadequate experience.
It is not really necessary for me to describe John McCain .Except for some way out left individuals, most voters realize the he is ready-DAY-1 to become our CIC.