Sunday, March 02, 2008

Innocent civilians / The Race ? /Stay put Hillary !

In WWII how many innocent Germans were killed in the carpet bombing of Dresden?
The decision to drop two Atomic Bombs on Japan caused the deaths and permanent maiming of untold civilians.
Yet,perhaps a million GI casualties and deaths were avoided by the latter,and the war in Europe brought to a speedier conclusion by the former.
President Truman was hailed for his courage im going ahead with the two strikes..
Innocent civilian casualties are an unfortunate byproduct of war.This is especially true, when :

In violation of the Geneva accords,the enemy does not wear uniforms.
In violation of these accords,the enemy places their rockets and artillary within civilian homes.
When the civilian population aids and abets the combatatants by hiding them and their arms.

Thus it is strange to read that Defense Minister Barak is calling a meeting with the Justice Ministry to determine whether the IDF can target civilian areas from whence the rockets are fired.

If the answer is in the negative,then I believe these geniuses should award medals to the Hamas supporters for outsmarting the Israelis!
In the meantime, who protects Sderot? Ashkelon? and eventually all of Israel?


I just finished reading a wonderful political novel THE RACE, by Richard North Patterson.
Written some time ago, the political machinations in this fictitious Presidential race,is so close to the reality of our current situation,that it makes for exciting reading.


It is amazing that so many of the left wing media, are urging Hillary to back down.Most probably, the results on Wed. will not look too much different than Mon.There is still Pennsylvania to go, and she is leading there.
Having won NY,Calif,NJ,and probably Ohio she still has a claim to see what happens on the floor to Fla and Michigan.
I can understand the Obama people,but its not over until the fat lady sings!