Thursday, March 27, 2008

Saudi "plans"

The Jerusalem Post has an interesting editorial regarding the call for interfaith dialogue by the House of Saud.This follows a meeting with the Pope by the Monarch.They welcome "followers of the Torah"---great......except one thing NO ZIONISTS welcome.In other words, an attempt to divide world Jewry from our roots and partnership with Israel.
You can be sure that your usual cast of " Jewish characters, activists,left-wing clergy , Neturei Karta etc.. will join in such a charade.
However as the JPost advocates, responsible Jewish leadership worldwide must work hand in hand with the Govt. of Israel on such a delicate project, and reject such an offer-we go (if we go) as JEWS -united in our support of Israel.
It is not from altruism that the Saudis act, but from a realization that "what goes around comes around."Their brand of Wahabbism with its hate and violence against non-Muslims is coming back in the form of attepts to overthrow the monarchy, and create an Islamic State like Iran or Afghanistan (circa the Taliban).
This offer, should not be seperated from the "Saudi Peace Plan" which is a take it-or leave it approach to Israeli surrender. It includes withdrawal to pre-'67 ,the right of return (the end of Israel),division of Jerusalem etc., and then the Arabs will RECOGNIZE Israel (not sign peace treaties, but simply say you have a right to exist).
No country enters peace( or any type) negotiations, gives in to their opponents demands, and afterwards TALKS.
Negotiations mean exactly that.The Syrians who want Golan withdrawal and then talk, and the Saudis have got to wake up and smell the coffee.
Until then ,they are a group of bad actors whose only desire is to destroy Israel,but at their pace.