Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is never enough!

Defense Minister Barak has approved the transfer of 25 or so armored vehicle to the PA.They now want night goggles and more sophisticated weapons.
To help fight terrorism of course!
This is all about appeasing Sec. Rice who is determined to put more and more pressure on the Olmert govt.
She wants blockades and roadblocks lifted so that terrorists can easily slip in to create havoc.
Jewish life is cheap, as long as it will strengthen Abbas.
The real problem is twofold.
ABBAS COULD NOT SURVIVE IF iSRAEL WITHDREW from the West Bank.In addition, 80% of the Arab population on the West Bank support terror attacks on Jews.
Abbas is not prepared to make any concessions on Israel as a Jewish State,Jerusalem or the Right of Return.
But Olmert is weak also.Netanyahu is feeling his oats -calling for construction in the E-1 corridor between Maale Adumim and Jerusalem.He also blasted the Barak decision to give the armored cars.
Finally the pressure will once again be on Shas to withdraw from the coalition, as surely they are negotiating about Jerusalem which is the Shas red-line.
No matter how much Israel gives in ,it will never be enough for Rice or Abbas.