Thursday, March 20, 2008

Selective Silence / Too Pro-- Israel

I thank my son Elli for blogging for me during the period I drove back from Florida,and awaited a new computer.

Abe Foxman the head of the ADL lives in Teaneck NJ.He is obviously a man that has strong feelings on the issues of the day.A number of years ago,he publicly left his Congregation because he felt that the Rabbis sermons were too right wing for him.It certainly was his perogative.No one should be forced to listen week after week to a religious figure that preaches in a manner that makes him or her uncomfortable.
It is beyond belief that Sen Obama attended Church for 20 years and never heard the vitriolic black nationalistic anti-American diatribes that we have seen on TV.How can a public figure running for President,try to give us this baloney that his Pastor's talks were merely a response to race relations in our country.
What does glee over 9/11 have to do with a making America stronger and free of discrimination?How can you explain away his friendship with Farakhan,and his visit to Quadaffi?No, the Rev. Wright is an out and out bigot.
Sen Obama didnn't atend this Church once a year.He didn't merely run across the Rev. at community events. Obamas was a strong financial supporter of Wright and his Church.He was his mentor.
Michelle Obama's comments about America come right from the Wright sermon-book.
Can a man attend 20 years of services, and miss every outrageous remark made in Church? Is it possible that never once in 20 years, fellow congregants did not discuss with Obama the wonderful "provocative" sermons of Wright.?
The talking heads of the left think that the Obama talk was the political address of the century.For me it was doubletalk ,that will doom his candidacy should he win the nomination.
The attempt to compare this with a singular event, meeting or endorsement by any cotroversial figure fails the smell test.
Wait for the 925s!


The visit by Sen. John McCain to Sderot and his comments tell it all of his love and devotion to a strong Israel.
Sadly, we are our own worst enemies.Yussie Beilin attacked McCain for being too pro-Israel, and sounding like a Likudnik. Better,said MK Beilin ,he should be more even-handed and apply some pressure on Israel to compromise!