Saturday, March 08, 2008

Baruch Dayan Haemeth-

Our community is so small! Yesterday morning I learned that my machateniste's (my daughters mother-in-law) brothers grandson Avraham Moses, of blessed memory, was one of the young men slain at the massacre at Mercaz Harav.Then today I found that an old friend from Yeshiva College from Detroit,Larry Halpert similarly lost a young student.
It is never wise to strike out in anger.Hoewever everyone should read the WSJ op-ed today by Daniel Doron entitled "Israel's No-win Strategy".
Sadly ,very sadly I must now admit Rabbi Meir Kahane zt'l was right.There is no room for those who refuse to accept Israel as a Jewish State,and truly desire to live in peace.
EACH WAR,AND EACH DECADE HAS TAUGHT THAT ONLY OVERWHELMING FORCE AND VICTORY WILL STOP ARAB TERRORISM.They will never love you, but you will live without rockets rainning down on your homes.
Sadly the Govt. is paralyzed,and until Shas smells the truth, nothing will change.