Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Rube Goldberg

There are those who long for a Democratic Party takeover of the WH and Senate.If we look at what to expect,let us focus on Texas,and how the party leadership constructed an election.
A real Rube Goldberg approach to populism. Three million people come out to vote,and the at nite yuppies,people with no children people who love politics etc.,can vote again in an unstructured caucus ,that has one third or so of the weight of the general primary vote.So, 50,000 people can almost negate the power of millions.
The long lines at the caucus, with people not knowing what to do ,is surely not the best face of democracy.Different districts have more weight in delegates than others.
What ever happened to -one man -one vote?
Then again look at the record of the Congress.The voters threw out the GOP two years ago,because they had abandoned their pledge to serve our country.They forgot about smaller govt.,lower taxes and clean govt.
The Dem. leadership had an opportunity to craft bi-partisan legislation and really tackle corruption,earmarks and so on.What the Reid-Pelosi team gave us was sad. To contemplate that this is what we have to look forward to in a Dem led Congress is less than appealing.