Thursday, March 06, 2008

A nasty battle / How can anyone support a Palestinian State?

The Dem. contest is getting real nasty.Obama has asked some very legitimate questions
1-define your "experience"-what did you do? did you have a security clearance(NO!)?,or was it all social?
2-Why will you not release your income tax returns?
3-Why will you not expedite the release of the official records of your White House meetings,and calender?

To accuse Obama of acting like Ken Starr is out of line.(not that I have anything against Starr-but to Clintonites----)

She asks ;
1-What is your experience that qualifies you other than a smooth tongue?
2-Why will you not be forthright on Rezko?
3-Are you fooling the voters in blasting Nafta?
4-You talk about working across the aisle with Democrats-Could you document one such instance?

There are other issues of course-however with the Texas Caucuses,and Florida/Michigan possibly headed to court,it may not be very pretty for the next few months.

John McCain should use this time wisely.Not only to organize and raise funds,but to delve into economic theory and practicality.There are many great minds out there, who can postulate a conservative approach to our economy, that voters will identfy with..


Look at the dancing in Gaza- are these humans , or vicious criminals who long to see Jewish blood spilled?
Those who talk of a 2-State solution, mean to divide Jerusalem-easier for terrorists to reach places like the Yeshiva and create mayhem.
Abbas (Abu Mazen) is only a terrorist in Italian suits.He was Arafat's inelllectual partner,and has never accepted Israel as a Jewish State,nor renounced the so-called "Right of Return".
Those like Bush/Rice and the do-gooders of the JCPA (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) are dreaming if they believe that a 2-State solution will work.Much Jewish blood will be spilled until Israel wakes up, and destroys Hamas,Islamic Jihad and Fatah.