Monday, March 24, 2008

The bloody battle / Peace?

The fight for the Dem. nomination gets meaner and meaner.While in principle,as a Republican I shoudn't object to the candidates bloodying themselves up, the whole process sems obscene to me.
How can millions of voters in Fla. and Mich be disenfranchised.In truth, Michigan was the brainchild of the Dem. Gov.,while Fla. ,was a bipartisan endeavor.The chief initiator of the move was a Democrat, and the party Chairman was enthusiastic about moving the date.Almost all Dem. members of the State House supported the bill to move the primary date.
In addition, Hillary never objected until recently when Chmn. Dean announced that the results would not count.Only now is she upset.The one argument she has is based on the electoral college math, which shows her winning the big states(NY, NJ, Calif,Texas etc)
Dick Morris, who writes about how Obama will not be hurt by Pastor Wright, has to be taken with a grain of salt.His main goal is to defeat Hillary.
But goin g back to the day to day insults ( Judas and McCarthy ) I find it sad that the level of rhetoric has descended so lo from a prospective Pres. nominee

Incidentally, I saw the new Pastor in the Obama Church.With all his jumping around and equating the attacks on Wright to a lynching, he will soon be a household word.


Cheney , Bush and Rice are travelling the ME pushing PEACE,but the facts on the ground smell of war.Hizbollah Syria appear to be mobilizing for some attack either in Israel or in Europe etc,and there is no letup in site of Gaza -based attacks.
The Annapolis meeting in retrospect was SIMPLY A PHOTO-OP.