Monday, March 03, 2008

Tony Rezko

The trial of Tony Rezko is beginning in Chicago.A significant amount of donations to Obama's campaigns somehow linked to Rezko efforts, were donated by Obama to charity.
I decided to Google Rezko,and the Obama connection in many areas comes up.
I advise anyone interested to do likewise.Certainly many questions will come up in your mind-the most obvious is -why has the press sort of given him a pass on this?
There is one concern that is repeated frequently.Namely, that Obama will not allow himself to be grilled by the Chicago press corps, who know the most about this case.

It surely will not go away,and as this campaign gets tighter, the questions re: the Obama record will be more closely scrutinized.The flap today over NAFTA and the Canadian Govt. ,is one example.

It would appear the the fifth estate,suddenly is waking up to the realization that they have not really vetted Obama in the way they usually do a presidential candidate.Perhaps his teflon protective gear will suffice, but then again perhaps not.If so, it will be an interesting period.