Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Purim / What about Obamas chidren?

Happy Purim to all my friends and readers.

Debbie Sclussel ( )brought up an interesting and critical thought re: the Obama-Wright issue that I had not heard or thought of before.
Forget about whether Obama did or did not hear the vicious anti-American sermons.
However this is the Church that his two daughters have attended.Week after week listening to the harangues of black nationalism and anti-Americanism ,how does he expect them to turn out?Like Michelle, earning $220,000 based on a Harvard law degree,but ashamed to be an American?
It is no wonder Obama criticizes Fox for continuing to run the clips of Wright.Obama would like us to talk about who peeked at his passport application,and lets forget Wright.
Sorry this will go on as long as he remains a viable candidate, because he brought upon himself.