Sunday, April 13, 2008

What has happened to the Democratic Party?

I was brought up as a Dem, and my mother to this day, still calls herself one(as she comes close to her 97th birthday).
I left the Party over domestic issues.Although as a child I recall the Republican party of Gov.Dewey and Sen Taft were considered isolationist,that changed after WWII.
Sen.Vandenberg and others helped to create a bipartisan foreign policy.
That bipartisanship was broken by the Vietnam War,but the disarray was nothing compared to what we see now.
The Dems. have a totally different perspective on terrorism the economy,trade and legislative gridlock to mention a few issues,that are in my opinion harming America.
The failure of the House to pass FISA, despite the overwhelming Senate vote from both sides of the aisle,represents a victory for the trial lawyers.We have not had a single successful terroristic attack on our soil since 9/11 ,despite the fact that there have been 10,000 such attacks world-wide.When our govt. requested the tele-communication industry to step up and volunteer to help prevent terrorism post 9/11they responded.Now Speaker Pelosi refuses to grant them immunity from civil suits.The trial lawyers are the among the largest financial supporters of the Dem Party
When Pres. Clinton pushed the Free Trade bills through the Congress, this was a net gain for our country.Yes, some manufacturing jobs were lost to other countries.However, the net gain in jobs and economic benefit to our country has been real and signicant.
Columbia, has worked hard to deserve a positive vote on Free Trade.She is a friend,and has stood up to Hugo Chavez.Passing the bill, would again be a plus for our economy as well.Yet Pelosi, has bowed to the AFL-CIO and in essence killed a vote on the bill.
In this period of economic slowdown,the Dems are talking a massive tax hike which will hurt the economy even more.Major govt. handouts to the building industry,renters and speculators is not the formula for a return to prosperity.
The failure of the Senate to consider much needed Judicial nominations,is unprecedented even for a "lame-duck" administration.The Repub. did not use such harsh methods when Clinton was in power.
One final example is the total failure of the Dems to recognize any gains in Iraq from the surge.Of course its not perfect.History teaches us to be patient -going back to the Civil War and to reconstruction in Germany and Japan.The removal of American troops in one fell swoop, would bring disaster to the ME and to the prestige of the US.