Friday, April 11, 2008

politically correct

Just a brief thought before shabbat.
Obama promises a new approach -yet, he cannot bring himself to criticize Jimmy Carter who plans to meet with Hamas on his upcoming trip to Syria.
His reason-Carter is a private citizen.
However, he is more than a private citizen.He travels with Secret Service protection, because he represents the prestige of the U.S. As a former President, how can he lower himself to meet with terrorists,responsible for the death of so many Americans?
It is not enough for Obama to simply say Carter is wrong.For indeed if he were elected he would meet with Ahmedijan of Iran, who bankrolls Hamas and Hezbollah.
You do not see Obama standing up for principle ie Pastor Wright or Tony Rezko
Indeed, Barak is a typical Cook County politician, and not the "Savior" of the American political system.