Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hametz on Passover / John Hagee

When Ben-Gurion looked at the future of Israel, he saw a vision that Orthodox Jews would become secular-since Israel would be a nation like all others.
Chief Rabbi Kook of blessed memory,saw it differently ,namely Israelis would return to the Torah way of life.His reasoning was that living in the promised land would surely bring about a sea-change.
Both were wrong.
However,when secular or anti-religious Israelis attempt to destroy Jewish values,one must rebel, and refuse to accept their prejudices.
Thus when the Jerusalem Court ruled that the Govt could not prohibit the sale of Hametz on Passover,there was an uproar.This may turn into a coalition crisis, unless the Govt. appeals.
How interesting that Foreign Minister Tzpi Livni said that although she herself is a non-practicing Jew, she opposes the decision.She adds however,"When the Religious Parties took a monopoly on Jewish issues in a way that expresses only their aspects (religion)..they created anger and tension,and damaged Jewish identity."
Question -Why would a non-self hating Jew petition the Court to allow Hametz on Passover?
Again,we are our worst own enemies!
Who else should get involved,if Kadimah and Labor as well as Meretz and Likud couldn't give a damn?
Their (the Govt) lack of respect for the Temple Mount as our holiest site,is but a small example of their negative feelingd toward our traditions and heritage.The Peres approach, is that there is a difference between "JEWS" and "ISRAELIS".The settlers are part of the former group and the academic elite of the Universities, Tel Aviv and the Courts are the latter.


Evangelist John Hagee brought a gtoup to Israel,and donated 6 million dollars.Half went to a Center in Ariel and half to Magen David Adom.At an event that featured Bibi Netanyahu, Hagee urged Israel not to divide Jerusalem.
Giving over parts of Jerusalem to the Arabs,he correctly pointed out is like giving it to the Taliban.