Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wright / J Street

The attack today by Sen. Obama against Pastor Wright is probably 20 years too late.His previous heralded speech which was hailed by the left, now seems pale and inadequate.
Surely some will see a new Obama speaking sense,however 20 years of friendship and loyalty, cannot be undone in a spate of an election row by one rebuke.
The real questions that beg attention regard Michelle, his daughters and Barak, as to what did they absorb from years of sermons? and why did they remain sitting in their pew?
Wright has touched upon the most sensitive race-related issues of our time.
When does an attack on a black candidate represent racism? and conversely a failure to criticize for fear of being attacked as a rascist should have a "name" attached to it,but we call it political correctness. In addition does Wright speak only for himself? his Church? or all black clergy/churches?
When Wright talks about black and white kids learning from different sides of the brain,no one wants to go there.Similarly when Nobel laureate William Shockley raised questions regarding the Stanford IQ tests in different races , 30 or 40 years ago-- he was attacked as a bigot and the hot potato dropped.
Indeed ,though race relations are certainly better than 50 years ago,there is much that the black and white worlds look at differently.For example we look at the Supreme Court decision re: voter ID as a protection against fraud.Many in the black community look upon it as discriminatory.
In any case,it appears as though Wright has gone out his way to underemine Obama.

The new J Street organization, is but the latest in an attempt by the radical left to attempt to counter AIPAC.In fact, these types of groups such as-Peace Now and Israel Policy Forum have been around a while.Though encouraged by Clinton and Rabin,they have not had grass roots support.AIPAC, with 100,000 members, a huge budget and college groups will remain the pro-Israel lobby second to none.
When you see the list of supporters of this new group,especially Avraham Burg,it will always remain in my mind as the group that seeks to divide the pro-Israel concensus in America.
Who they contribute campaign funds to will be interesing. We will watch as they probably will campaign against settlements and the security fence as well as for the division of Jerusalem in the name of peace.
Hey =Saudia Arabia, Abbas and some in Hamas want that too!