Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hockey Coach vs Neurosurgeon

My son-in-law Dr Paul Ratzker was a hockey star in high school.(MTA),Thus it is no suprise that after 2 sons on the Kushner HS hockey team,that he volunteered to coach the girls HS hockey team on which our grandaughter is playing.
I was told that with an unbeaten record, he is having more fun than doing neurosurgery,
Today on his birthday (it is also my sons Ari's birthday) I kibbitzed him that at this rate he might make more money as a hockey coach than as a surgeon.He answered " If Obama is re-elected, that would be true".
The Supreme Court proceedings start next week,and healthcare, the economy and gas prices will all be part of the mix.
A decision by the Court to throw out the "mandate" would certainly be a blow to the Socialists, and to the Obama campaign.

I for one am not discouraged about the tortuous campaign for the GOP nod -UP TO NOW!- as I said yesterday, it is time to close ranks.