Sunday, March 11, 2012

Iron Dome / Shalit revisited

Yes Iron Dome the Israeli missile defense system had a 90% success rate.Think of the lives that were probably saved. Yet 2 rockets had a direct hit in Beersheba ,one on a school.Thank G-d no one was killed or seriously injured.
No country in the world would tolerate such a daily attack (130 rockets up to now-this weekend) without a major war.
It is reported that Iran is pushing the terrorists to keep up the barrages-partially to divert attention from the nuclear problem, and partially out of frustration that their massive attacks have had no success-because of Iron Dome.Each missile cost $50,000 and they do not have the equiptment yet to protect Tel Aviv , because of cost.
Think of how brazen Iran would be with a nuclear weapon in its arsenal.The bottom line is that no system can stop missiles 100% of the time,and the population therefore lives with the threat of Hamas missiles on a daily basis.
The numbers of terrorists who were released in the Shalit deal that have been involved in new terrorism increases daily.
Seven in recent days have been rearrested or killed.The IDF estimates that 40% of terrorists released in previous exchanges return to terrorism.
Israel and the world should keep those numbers in mind when there will be pressure for a new exchange.