Monday, March 19, 2012


It is unbelievable that Ehud Olmert has accepted to speak at the upcoming J Street convention-dinner March 26.Isi Liebler has written an op-ed on this matter in todays Yisrael Hayom internet paper.
The J Street record is as anti-zionist as one would expect from "Sonai Yisrael"-self haters.

The Caller exposes the association of Media Matters with Al Gezeera.M J Rosenberg the Senior policy fellow ,in Doha confirmed the anti-Israel bent of Media Matters.The problem is that they are in lockstep with the WH.

It is interesting that Cong Rob Turner who upset the mevinim in Brookly by winning the special Congressional election to replace Anthony Weiner,has announced he will run for the NY Senate seat.He is a long shot to beat Gillibrand ,but who knows.
Senator Dick lugar no friend of our community is only 6 points ahead in the primary in Indiana.That is not a healthy position for a long time incumbent.