Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Occupy AIPAC / Rush

Two days ago as I was looking at Google to find where there was direct streaming of the Obama AIPAC speech,I was shocked to see the number of anti-Israel sites available.Some under the name "Occupy AIPAC " and other left wing progressive sites.
The battle for the hearts and minds of even our own people, is reminiscent of both Purim and Chanukah.While Mordechai refused to bow to Haman, no other Jew joined him.Nor was it easy to mobilize fellow Jews, until the decrees becane a source of a life-threatening situation.
The Maccabees enemy were the Greeks, but the Hellenist Jews were even more danger to them.
Read the comments of the "left" today in the Israeli papers,when they attack Bibi for bringing up the Holocaust." Why must he see Hitler behind every enemy?" they declare.
Sadly even yesterday in France, the Prime Minister in campaign mode, attacked Kosher slaughtering of animals (slso Halal)Countries in Europe have prevented private schooling in recent weeks (yeshivas).
Bibi was right on target-I urge you to read Bret Stephen's op-ed in todays WSJ to really understand who Obama is!

Yesterdays DAILY CALLER has a marvelous response to the Georgetown law student, who claims a $3,000 APPETITE for contraceptives /per academic career.Maybe Rush would have been better off if like Tucker Carlson he showed the silliness of her facts-and raise questions about standards of morality in our society.