Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nothing Changes

The murders in Tolouse once again demonstrate that the "eisav soneh Yaakov" will never end.
Yea we live a wonderful life in the US,but the forces of Islamism and anti-semitism are strong and must be answered as they pop up their heads
Susan Rice our UN Ambassador ,never a real friend, appealed to Congress to renew American funding of UNESCO.The funds were halted after the PA applied for UN membership.Thankfully this is an election year, so she was unsuccessful.
Abbas pedals the same garbage-if Israel will recognize '67 borders,stop settlements etc, he will resume negotiations.
The retirement of Cong. Norm Dicks ( Wash) is the 8th senior Dem to retire-those with more than 10 terms under their belts.
The Cook Report describes it as a "generational"wave.

I am growing weary of the attacks by Santorum on Romney.He is trying his utmost to smear his ability to carry on after a probable convention victory.