Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Presidential Chutzpah

CHUTZPAH=that is what Obama has, as he touts the keystone Pipeline.We all know he and his Admiunistration lobbied against the pipeline from Canada.He was successful for the the time being in preventing its construction.
However parts of the pipeline have already begun construction within State boundaries.No Federal permission is needed.
Now comes the President in campaign mode , under pressure for high gas prices, and tries to take credit for the pipeline.
Somewhere I saw today a description of this as a Governor taking credit for the granting of a fishing permit.

The action of the Administration in giving the EU and other countries a pass in the application of sanctions for dealing with Iran, again calls into question their sincerety to bring Iran to its knees.Israel would be crazy to trust Obama.

Jeb Bush who today endorsed Romney got it right=it is time to unite behind Romney and work for a defeat of Obama-period