Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Have a laugh-te NAACP is going before the UN Human Rights Comm. to complain about voter-ID laws in several states.
Now let us understand-you cannot fly without a picture ID=
you cannot enter government and many corporate buildings without an picture ID
you cannot take your baby out of the maternity ward without one=and so on=
unamerican? racist?
Only the demand that you produce one to vote is racist.
So the body they are appealing to has Saudia Arabia on it-where women cannot vote!
One of the 2 US witnesses,has an out of state drivers license and figures it is easier to fly to UN headquarters than get a state license.

The news that Israel might have their own bunker buster bomb does not suprise me .Israel has used every opportunity to advance their arsenal in order to protect the homeland.They would be stupid if they banked on Barak Hussein Obama.