Tuesday, March 13, 2012


To listen to the Turkish PM ,you would think you were listening to Arafat or Ahmedijian .
The theme repeated over and over is that Israelis should rise up and oppose the govt'a "Gaza massacre".Not a word about terrorism, or the 200+ rockets that were aimed at IsraelNot a woed aboutr the 1 million Israelis forced to live in bunkers.or the rocket that hit the side of an empty school.
The man is a real anti-semite, and people should avoid Turkey in their travels.
The Egyptian Parliament unanimously demanded the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador,and Iran applauded the barrage of bombs.
J Street the anti -Israel left wing group that tells people they are pro-Israel, issued a statement ,later withdrawn that "dozens of Palestinian civilians" were killed by Israeli bombs.What a bunch of garbage these people are!Even Left wing Knesset member Schneller (kadima) blasted J St.