Sunday, September 11, 2011

Abbas and the UN

Sept is well underway,as we approach Rosh Hashonah.Today is 9/11 and with it not only all the sad memories,but the realization that despite the Administrations claim Al Quida is on its death bed,we all know that a theologic terrorist organization operating within billions of human beings will not simply fade away.They must be starved,humiliated and DEFEATED.
A current Foreign Affairs article on the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt explains why this radical organization picks and chooses its recruits from teen age until adulthood.This requires many steps until final initiation.It too will not fade away,as it has been in existance for many decades.
Sept. is also the UN meetings and Mahmoud Abbas has apparently decided to go for broke.By publicly challenging and ignoring the President,he will wind up with very little plus a US veto.
On the ground nothing will change for him for the positive.I found it intersting that Susan Rice our UN representative demanded--demanded the immediate release of Shalit. A message-- how can you call yourself a responsible entity if you kidnap humans?
What Abbas is thinking is not clear.Perhaps he feels he can face down Obama and get away with it.After all the Israelis do it all the time.
He forgets that when Netanyahu is invited to a Joint Session to turn down the President,he has the backing not only of the Republican Party, but the overwhelming majority of both parties,and the American people.The Jewish electorate is primarily Democratic.
We have a national election coming up, and the Dems are in trouble in this weeks Congrsseional race primarily over Israel-and the economy.The President and his pollsters will be watching for any DIMINUTION in Jewish support for Weprin,which will send a message that will easily be understood.
In addition the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Elana Ros Lehntinan is as strong a Zionist as one would ever meet.She has said clearly-"you go to the UN-bye-bye US aid".
All this is in addition to the possible changes of the relationship between the PA and Israel post-Oslo.
Finally,how can the UN -even General Assembly give Abbas a nod-
1-his term of office long ago ex[pired.
2-he does not control Gaza
3-he is totally bankrupt ,and
4-refuses to accept Israel as a State of the Jewish People.