Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Taxes Mr President /

"Raise my taxes" the Buffett cry and now joined in by a retired Google shill.
I think anyone who wants to pay mmore taxes,need not wait for Congrssional action.Not only can Buffett set an example by writing a quarterly check , but he can get 100 0r 1000, or 10,000 followers to do likewise and send the govt. mucho dinero.
As for most Americans,they believe the govt. spends too much,with much too much waste.
As the critcs are pointing out.if Buffett wants to be a poster boy for taxes, he should make his returns open for inspection.

I saw this beautiful you-tube film of Gov. Perry dancing around his desk with a group of Chabad leaders in honor of Chanukah.truly amazing.ebtitled "Dancing with the Rabbis".

Today Israel approved 1100 housing units in Gilo .As expected the cry goes out "this will complicate the peace process".
What peace process?
To the contrary this is a great time for Israel to build in Area A,and to annex all settlements.The Europeans are in chaos.Sarkozy and the Germans have plenty on their plate.The Eurozone is in danger,and the political unity they spoke about is not there.
Obama as we discussed cannot act with full vigor against Israel until the elections.The Israeli left is but a shadow of itself.
Now is the time for vigor and action to move ahead on Judea and Samaria.
In addition if a Republican wins the presidency-it will be a new ballgame.