Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Obamas fault

The announcement that Turkey will soon have some sort of fellowship with Egypt brings to mind another failed union.I refer to Syria and Egypt who once thought they could have a pincer movement against Israel.

This whole mess with Abbas and the UN is the fault of Obama.By placing public pressure on Israel in areas such as announcing the '67 boundries as a starting point,and the freeze on settlement construction encouraged Abbasa.
How can the world even consider Statehood, when he cannot control Gaza,has no borders and is an economic basket case, all raise the question,How are they ready for Statehood.?
From the very beginning of his administration,Obama felt the Dem. Jews would not leave him-place pressure on Bibi-bring down his coalition-replace it with a left wing group that he could pressure.That didn't work out.
The he screwed Mubarek who was protecting the treaty with Israel ,and said at the UN last year the Palestine was next in line for statehood.
He has allowed Iran to continue nuclear preperation,and paid lip service to their downfall.
He dangled a divided Jerusalem before Abbas,despite their refusal to
recognize Israel as a Jewish State,or renounce the "right of return".
He has not visited Israel,and he is not liked or respected there.
He has no feeling for the Jewish homeland or the Jewish people,beyond Dem. votes.
The Chicago Tribune writer has it right,it is time for him him to say-no second term-"I have had it".