Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The special election / Jobs Talk?

Next Tuesday is the special Congressional election in the old Anthony Weiner district.Normally this should have been an easy Democratic win.However this is a highly Jewish /Orthodox area, and the Jewish people,certainly the traditional ones are very unhappy with Obama over his treatment of Israel.The recent polls are close.Now, the Republican Jewish Coalition is sending 30,00 mailings to every Jewish home attacking Obama on Israel.
What with Ed Koch endorsing the Republican,we could have an important upset in the making.

Sadly the President turnrd down an opportunity to meet with Boehner and Cantor prior to tomorrow nites speech, to see if they have some common ground on jobs.
Wisely the Republicans have chosen not to respond to the talk.Firstly the football game will be starting.Secondly it appears that there will be nothing new in the talk-just another campaign talk.
Yesterday, I received a robo-call that started "if the election were held today, who would you vote for-Hillary Clinton or Obama?I hung up because I don't like to waste my time.Yet-interesting.
The Dems are getting a little panicky.