Monday, September 12, 2011

The media attack on Israel /Turkey / Election Day

The attack by the NYT on Israel is classical.One of the best things I did years ago was to cancel my subscription.
The attempt by Abbas to avoid diurect negotiations is a clear violation of Oslo.In truth Golda Meir said it clearly"there is no such a thing as a Palestinian people".
There is no way that Jerusalem can be divided, or that 2 "Nations" shall share the city as a capitol.
There is no way to deal with an entity whose underlying motives and intentions are to destroy you and create another Islamic State.
That Benny Morris can write an op-ed about the end of the Jewish State is not suprising considering from whom it originates.
Compared to any other State in the region,Israel is prospering and this week had its credit rating elevated.
Someone pointed out that should Palestine gain UN recognition as a State,every rocket from Gaza is a violation of international law.
The Gates quote that Netanyahu(Israel) is ungrateful to Obama is way off.Being friends does not mean committing national suicide.That Obama in campaign mode says "back to '67" and he expects the Israelis to jump,is ludicrous.Indeed every single PM of Israel has faced these pressures from the WH and State Dept.Each President leaves, but Israel despite the threats of Turkey etc is stronger.
In all he stories I have read of the Turkish threat to send 3 warships into the area and claiming this is a danger for Israel, two important facts are not mentioned.
Firstly the oil/gas drilling will also have cover from drones and the IAF. Secondly the Israeli submarine units can play havoc if needed with Turkish surface vessels.

Let us see what happens tomorrow in the 2 Congressional races.Nevada is a sure GOP win.Whether the the Dems are "lowballing " the polls so that if they win it will look like a great victory, or whether we are seeing a bellweather result of voter anger at Obama is not clear.Since the GOP expected nothing until recently,it appears that the Dems are panicking.A GOP win will send shivers down the spines of Dem candidates.