Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Union rhetoric

Every day we read of new govt. agencies and subdivisions facing economic disaster and default.Today the Rhode Island pension system is being called a Ponzi scheme.
The Post Office will default on a 5 billion dollar loan and in a few months will be bankrupt if no changes are allowed in their union contracts.
When I was a kid,my father taught me to respect unions.He was a product of the depression.I was never allowed to cross a picket line.
Organized labor has changed ,but not for the better.When Hoffa yells to kill the "SOBS", on behalf of America and its workers,he conveniently forgets that the Tea Party people include workers.Furthermore it was the American people who sent the Tea Party to Washington to change the debate.
If this is the best labor can do, or rely on Biden calling on them to prevent thr barbarians from entering the halls of power,they are in big trouble.The less facts you have on your side,the more you tend to insult-it won't work.
The pensions and excess jobs mandated by union agreements were fine when money was no object.Those times have changed.The public will not tolerate throwing away public funds beyond the scale of private industry.
Finally this rhetoric will go over fine at a labor rally, but what does middle America think of such grubbiness?