Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bill Clinton

To0day former Pres. Bill Clinton blasted PM Bibi Netanyahu as the cause for the lack of peace in the ME. Speaking to the Clinton Initiative,he placed the lack of progress aquarely on Bibi's head.
Two factors were at play he said.
1-the refusal to accept the Camp David
2-the influx of Russian Jews,and the demographic changes that make the population less interested in peace.
I do not recall that the PLO or Arafat accepted any agreement with Israel.To the contrary, the answer of the PLO was suicide bombers,terrorism and "NO" acceptance of Israel as a Jewish State.
That attitude with the refusal to accept Jerusalem as an undivided capitol of Israel,as well as in sisting on the pre-"67 borders,and the right of return,showed the world and the ISRAELIS THAT THEY WERE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT PEACE.They did not carry out even 1 aspect of the Oslo accord.
The influx of over a million Russsian Jews together with orthodox Jews from the US,represent the beaty of Israel.It also speaks to the vitality of its democracy.
Where is the the democracy of the PA? IN GAZA? Abbas cannot even enter there.
Nowhere does Clinton mention Iran,Hamas,Hezbollah, rocket fire and the constant threats that make it impossible to believe any Arab.