Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jews and Obama / NLRB

CONG HENRY WAXMAN (D- CALIF) is one of the most liberal of the left wing of the Dem. party.In describing the loss of the 9th Congressional district, and the exodus of traditional Democratic Jews from the party,he blamed 2 factors.
1 -Jews "misunderstood" the Obama policy toward Israel , and
2 -Jews want to "protect their wealth"
Rashi--Jews are not smart enough to recognize the anti-Israel policies that place blame on Israel but support the PA. (divide Jerusalem, stop settlements,embarress Netanyahu , go back to '67 and so on).
In addition Jews like other Americans see their wealth diminish,the economy screwed up,no jobs,taxes and more taxes and are upset.
Too bad for Henry that Jews are like all Americans in this regard.

Three cheers for the GOP, for voting in the House to stop the idiocy of the NLRB who want to prevent Boeing from opening a plant in South Carolina.Harry Reid should bring this bill up, and forget his defense of millions for bike lanes.