Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perry and Romney on the UN

Todays news conference by Gov. Perry on the UN -Palestinian crisis is right on target.Similarly the attack by Gov. Romney and the letter by 14 US Senators to the President all cover the same issues.Perry and Romney of cours are looking to the Florida primary and susequent election.
The bottom line is that Obama does not have in his gut a feeling for the Jewish people and their history with the land of Israel.His frame of reference is the post-Holocaust era,and thus 2 people with competing claims.
As a born Muslim,no matter what he calls himself today,he cannot seperate his feelings from his attachment to his people.Only the politics of the day,the need to win re-election and keep the Jewish vote at a high level for his candidacy forces him to hold his nose and smile at Bibi.Inside he would love to be able to unseat him.Howevever every public slight only strengthens him in Israel.

Egypt has resumed natural gas shipments to Jordan and not to Israel.The excuse-differences over price.
The Turks have put up a public show trying to prevent the Israels from using the new NATO radar system, which will be run by the US. We have course have turned their request down.