Sunday, September 04, 2011

Perry vs the rest /Israel

We live in a eorld full of challenges and problems.It is obvious to all but the most die- hard left wingers, that our current Pres. is not up to the job.As a conservative Republican I would vote for any of the big 3 candidates if that were the ultimate nominee.ANYONE BUT OBAMA.
Having said that,there is the question as to who I will vote for in the Florida primary. There are many issues and on some one candidate is more to my liking than the other.For example on Immigration,the Romney plan is more to my liking than Perrry.It is tougher regarding a fence,and not giving Govt. funding to pay for illegal immigrant schooling.
Yet in my mind this is a secondary issue.My first concern is who can better beat Obama.Now we are about to have 3 debates this month,and we will see what the post-debate analysis shows regarding the issues,and their ability to communicate.
Todays Rasmussen poll, show that Perry is ahead of Obama.Yes it is early,however Labor Day is the start of the campaign to weed out the candidates.
If the election were held today,my vote would be for Perry-despite or perhaps because of the hatchet job the NYT is doing on him and Cong. Issa.

The folding of the tents on Rothchild Tel Aviv may mark a new phase of the social -economic protests in Israel. Or it can be the end of this phase awaiting the report of the Govt. commission.In any case the absence of violence speaks to the vibrancy of democracy in Israel.