Sunday, January 31, 2010

President Obama / The OU shabbaton

I watched a good deal of the Presidents meeting with the Republican House members,but was not impressed.There is no reason to believe that he will go back to the drawing board on HC.Nor on the issue of terrorism-Gitmo-Mirandizing the plane terrorist,military trials etc-his administration is mum.The Pentagon report on the Ft Hood shooter is a joke.
I forgot to mention that both Gitmo and his failed ME peace efforts were not part of the SOU.

The Orthodox Union had some sort of a shabbaton in 4 South Fl. synagogues this week.I have been pushing for  a much wider event with a greater long range goal for about 4 years.There is a model to follow based on the West Coast region under the leadership of Rabbi Alan Kalinsky.
The ultimate goal should be to open an office in S. Florida possibly in Hollywood,and develop a lay leadership in every OU synagogue with a regional lay Board.The purpose would be to develop programs locally initiated that at the end of the day increase the number of OU synagogues,individual membership,  fund raising and programs.For example a Florida IPA could impact on Tallahassee.
Following the  LA model, the region should have a shabbaton during either x-mas or yeshiva week in every OU synagogue from Miami Beach to West Palm with scholars in residence.On Sunday there should be a half or whole day convention with panels .speakers on various interesting and current topics.What they had today is 1 session on parenting.While some will attend, it is not germane for a huge senior citizen S. Florida population Topics might include
The future of Hesder Yeshivoth in a democracy
The yeshiva tuition crisis
The effect of an Israeli attack on Iran
Where is the OU headed ?
and so on.
The day should conclude with a dinner-even if the first year you only get 30-50 people with the Exec VP and Pres. speaking
Above all the person who attends even just a drasha in shul should walk out being more knowledgeable and proud of the OU.
It should be held in the center of Dade-Broward-Palm Beach County.
Yesterday was a beginning!.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

STATE OF THE UNION / The Ellison lettter

I found the Obama SOU to be a combination campaign speech and church sermon.The most important omission was his failure to be specific about changing the atmosphere in WASHINGTON.
Bipartisanship-? yes, but the WH has to invite Rep. leaders and accept some of their points. Neither were done this past year.
YES- you had a great majority in both Houses,-yet you did not pass health, energy etc-why is that the minorities fault?
You rail against earmarks-but yet sign a bill with billions in such earmarks,and the most you can come up with is to put them on-line.
You called for doubling exports,and mentioned S. Korea ,Panama and Columbia.However for one year you have not pushed your party to ratify trade agreements already in place(Union opposition).
You call for a freeze on spending,but not for a whole year-you blame it on budget process.NONSENSE-you could have asked both Houses to make it efective tomorrow.
You showed poor form in criticizing the Supreme Court decision,with the Justices sitting in front of you,when you know they cannot respond.
You mentioned how horrible Bush was,but did not give him credit for the "surge", or low unemployment on his watch.
You failed to mention the "Mirandizing and criminally charging" the terrorist,who you initially called an isolated individual.
You failed to mention the attempt to have these terror trials in NYC,which will cost hundreds of millions  in security costs  and tie up the city.
In essence you foolishly decided to dig your heels into the dirt and stay the course of  a real leftist policy.The voters in Nov. will make their own decision.

The decision by 54 Democratic Congressman led by Cong Ellison who is a Muslim to ask the US to pressure Israel regarding opening up the Gaza  strip for supplies, without recognizing the terror potential involved is quite upsettind.Does it speak to a lessening of Democratic support for Israeol?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Someone came to me and saaid they had heard that the newMass. Senator is pro-Palestinian.Nothing could be further from the truth.His position paper I am sure was prepared with the help of AIPAC and members of the Pro-Israel community in Wasingtom/Mass.He will be a strong addition to those who support the strategic interests and goals of Israel.You may read excerpts on Arutz Sheva today.

The talking heads on MSNBC etc, seem to have swallowed the line that Obama failed to connect with the people because he did not explain healthcare well.However, his policies are great.
He gave so many speeches, campaign stops. interviews and town hall meetings,ad nauseum.And tonite when he finishes his pep talk. 10-17 % of Americans are out  of work, and that is a fact.His ratings will not go up until he moves to the center,and really works with Reps.
I could not believe my eyes when Obama stood before an elementary school class of about 20 kids,with 2 YES TWO teleprompters.That sums up his common sense, and those of his communications and policy team-AMATEURS-INCOMPETENT-IDEALOUGES.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Erich Segal

I was saddened to hear of the death of a classmate of mine from elementary school Erich Segal.He was a noted author and I recall at the time of our 50th reunion from Crown Hights Yeshiva,he wrote us a note wishing us all well,but that he was in London at the time.He added a postscript that he was
married to a Jewish girl.
His most famous novel was "Love Story" and he also wrote the "Yellow Submarine".
His father was a reform Rabbi,and they lived in what to me I remember as a huge old "castle-like" home. The guys in our class had a club, that would sometimes meet in his basement.I remember him as a soft spoken gentlemen.
It is a sign of the ageing process, when classmates become seriously ill or pass away.He was 72, qnd passed away from a heart attack.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beau Biden will not run for the Senate

It appears that VP Biden's son will not run for the Del Senate seat. I have predicted that even before the Brown victory in Mass. The tide toward the Rep. is becoming clearer,and this should be a net pickup for them as former Gov. Castle ( now Cong) should have an easier time.
I would not be suprised if we have a few more Congressional Dem retirements before long.

J Street again / Israeli hospitals in Haiti

I read that J Street the left wing so-called pro-Israel group will be taking some menbers of Congress to Israel this year, as well as increasing their campaign contributions by 50%.
I see no need to go over once again their money obtained from muslim sources,and their attitudes to Israel,settlements,Jerusalem,the current govt. etc,However, they are a danger and we will recall that Amb. Oren refused to attend their convention.
Over the years when a new Congress convenes,pro-Arab groups have invited some Congressional freshmen to go on a fact-finding mission with them to Israel.Some with less experience of the nuances of mid-East policy have accepted.However quickly they were approached by more senior members,who convinced them to cancel and join pro-Israel groups.The same tactic should occur now.These guys are as dangerous as anything Saudia Arabia with their mega dollars can put up for propaganda.
In addition as I said a few months ago, pro-Israel PACs should go to these Congressmen/candidates and say clearly" if you accept money from J-Street,we will not contribute to your campaigns",and spread the word to individuals who normally contribute to campaigns. The word will get out quickly. They must be marginalized.Despite the Obama administration pat on the back,in the next administration they will be once again in the woodshed.

Both CNN and MSNBC had short segements on the magnificent work of the Israeli hospital unit in Haiti.It outshines every single unit and country including the U.S.They are up to date on tele-communications for x-rays and consultations  etc that can be sent to another country,a neo-natal unit,ventilators,a functioning operating unit  and ICU.The other country units are often disorganized,many without a sense of order, antibiotics or instruments.Of course the fact that the IDF has so much battle experience on a moments notice really pays off. It is a true KIDDUSH HASHEM
the sanctificatiion of G-d's name.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tfillin on a plane

I have flown many time to Europe,Asia and other areas that required me to say my shacharit ( morning) prayer at the break of dawn.
Firstly, I have always gone to the head stewardess or cabin attendant, and politely told them, that in a few hours etc.,I was going to say my morning prayers.I then ask them if I can use a small area  in or near the galley for that purpose. The answer is always yes. Sometimes they will say that they are preparing breakfast, cvould I please wait until the trays are out.Usually they go out of their way to put on an overhead light if the cabin is still dark,and try to make me comfortable.
Secondly I try to pray as early as halachically (legally) possible so as not to disturb or even frighten other passengers.
Thirdly, it appears that the young man did not respond when asked by the staff as to what he was doing.In this hyper-sensitive period,everyone is nervous,and that is no time to refuse to answer a common sense request on a plane.
Fourthly- for early morning flights, I have tried to get to the airpor a few minutes early and go into a corner which at that hour is empty, and pray there -if the hour is correct,before getting on the plane.
Early on AFTER 9/11 ,Jewish organizations went to the TSA or the appropriate agencies, and explained about tfillin.That there has not been a problem until now speaks to their cooperation.However personel and circumstances change, and perhaps it is time to reaquaint the authorities in Washington and through them the staffs of the major airlines of the nature of our tfillin-which incidentally are mandated at the end of this weeks Torah portion.

Just as I was finishing my blog I read of the cessation of oprations of Air America, the left wing mouthpiece.
They blame the economy-perhaps they should look at what they are selling--- and switch teams and join Rush etc

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Errol Southers / A call from Washington /Martha Coakley

It was good to read that Errol Southers who was the Obama nominee for TSA has withdrawn his candidacy. Sen. Demint had placed a hold on his name,because he feared that Southers was prepared to unionize TSA employees.
He also was less than truthful regarding his unlawful seaching of FBI files years ago for which he was censured.
It goes to show you how one person can stop such nominations often successfully.

I received a call today from an old friend who happens to be a senior Congresswoman from the West.We have a long relationship.She is also a liberal with a strong pro-Israel record.
She sounded dazed,and basically said "enough following Pelosi.It's back to the center".
She was fully cognizant of all the complaints regarding secret back door deals,and my impression was she heard the voters in Mass. loud and clear on HC and spending.

One note on the criticism of AG Martha Coakley as a poor candidate.That might be true,however she did run in previous statewide elections and did succeed in a contentious primary for the Dem Senate nod.
Washington has to look at what the voters see-no transparency-10% unemployment=secret deals with unions-La-Nebraska- and more and more taxes with no end in site.Failure to realize this will make last nite look like an appetizer for the Nov debacle.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown-out !

My wife got it right Brown by 5-6 points. I thought it would be 10-11.Either way the significance is not only on healthcare,cap and trade etc,but on how Obama is percieved by foreign governments.
He put huge political capitol into this campaign,as he did in NJ and Va.,and has nothing to show but a public perception of arrogance.
If I were the Pres. as I said a week ago, I would get rid of my 2 chief political advisors (the Chicago boys) Mr Geithner and a few of the Homeland Security bigwigs,and show the American people he is listening.
There should be a revolt in the House against Pelosi,who wants these moderates to walk the plank for her.
Finally,this puts to rest the Kennedy-Lion myth.Our Rabbis tell us "after death-one becomes a saintly person".What was -was and the people have rebelled against Washington,big govt. deals behind closed doors,a lack of promised transparency and a corrupt political machine worse tha the Republicans who we threw out of power 4 and 2 years ago.
Perhaps the Brown win will lead to a renewed conservative approach to govt, by the Republicans

Monday, January 18, 2010

Orient House Again / Iran sanctions

I recall a number of years ago when Orient House was open in Jerusalem.I had the opportunity to travel there with a Deputy Mayor of the city in his car.We did not enter this huge building with the flags of the PLO, but sat outside and watched for a period of time and then circled the blocks and neighborhood.
This was a center for subversive anti-Israel activity as later documented when the building was finally closed.As we sat there and drove slowly around ,he and his security person pointed out the huge number of Palestinian security agents around the building and beighborhood in violation of agreements.
It was truly a State within a State.
Today , the EU would like Israel to reopen this building as a gesture of good will.To do so,would be to announce that there is a future for a Palestinian State and capitol in Jerusalem.FM Lieberman is correct in that the time for continued concessions to Abbas is long past.They try to stir up anti-Israel sentiment in the UN,EU, and the big 4 and push for these concessions-ENOUGH!

Again the Obama administration is whistling in the dark regarding sanctions against Iran
Not only is China opposed,as probably is Russia,they sent a low level diplomat to the talks regarding the future of sanctions. The WH will have to come to the conclusion to go it alone with Germany,France and England,or use military power,or simply say we have failed to stop a nuclear Iran.
In that case, they will have to pray that Israel sits idly by.That would be hard to accept, however the world is full of suprises.
Incidentally it is sad,if true, that Bibi requested Washington's PERMISSION before approving the construction of 700 homes in Jerusalem under threat of a Shas revolt.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama and Mass..

I wish I had the talent to express myself as Peggy Noonan did in yesterdays WSJ.I believe it is available online.and on RealClear
With 48 hours to go it is difficult to ascertain if the Obama visit today to Mass. can save the day.
I found it interesting that Obama who claims he is a practicing Chrisitian it seems rarely goes to Church,Today he spoke at one for MLK Day.Thus I was suprised by the headline 'OBAMA GOES TO MASS" UNTIL I REALIZED IT WAS TO CAMPAIGN FOR COAKLEY.

The problem with Obama as Noonan points out is a disconnect from America,our feelings and aspirations.
Look at Cong. Weiner of Bkly who used to be an aide to then Cong. Schumer who said if Brown wins they will have to rush rhe HC bill even by conciliation.Would not a reasonable person say -hey America is talking to us-enough deals and backroom corruption-let us go back to the drawing board.
Or Cong. Debbie Schultz Wasserman, who with a straight face said the Mass Senate race has nothing to do with HC!
Be that as it may,we will know soon enough,and just as 3 visits and robo-calling by Obama in NJ didn't help.I believe that will be the case here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

an answer

To be fair I did get a response from Egypt this am. ( see yesterday blog)
I reproduce it in its entirety



Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was toying with the idea of spending a few days in Cairo.Years ago I had to cancel a vacation rtip there.After scanning the internet,I wrote to American Express travel Dept.,and recieved a prompt reply with some suggestions.
I e-mailed the Egyptian travel agent,asking if it was safe for Jews,especially if you had Israeli stamps in your passport?
He inquired "What is your nationality?
I answered US,but added does that imply if I was Israeli,I would not be safe?
NO ANSWER YET! So much for neighborly love.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UNTHINKABLE -res ipsi loquiter

I was just checking my e-mails,when I noted one from the National Jewish Democratic Council-entitled "Unthinkable".
Even before opening it ,I kenw they were panicking re:the Mass. Senate race.
I think the message speaks for itself!


It is interesting to see how different reporters angle their analysis depending upon their political persuasion. David Gergen moderater of the Coakley =Brown ebate, threw her softball pitches while confronting Brown with tough questions and the infamous "Kennedy seat" comment that Brown hit for a home run( the peoples seat!)
Many of the commentators leave out the latest Rasmussen poll and the trend, that makes it a real tie.Remember Rasmussen was the most accurate pollster in '08.
So we really don't know what will happen on Tues.,and of course the Dems are nervous.How else could you explain their Senate candidate leaving the state last nite for a big-pharma fund raiser for her in Washington?
What is really upsetting is the talk that if Brown wins, the Dems will try to delay and delay his certification as long as possible so he would not be able to vote on healthcare.
Considering how they manipulated the seat=election=interim appt=election=interim appt,have they no sense of obligation to the will of the people?
If ,and that is a big if, Brown wins,hopefully the Republicans will stand by the well of the Senate, and not allow any business to take place until he is sworn in.
If he loses,then even the talk of Dem. leaders reinforces the fact that:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The pressure continues.

The full court press is on .NSC Chief Jim Jones has arrived amidst so many rumors and leaks.Abbas is still holding out for a cessation of Jerusalem construction.
Then Mitchell is coming , more ideas,proposed letters and new starts.
What with 20 rockets coming in from Gaza 2 days ago,the lack of any PA control there, it all seems so silly.Much talk about the "impossible dream".
There was an interesting column by Sever Plocker in Ynet news 2 days ago,that in essence that documents that Israel has no need for any US loan guarantees.In fact they are not using them,so any threat by Mitchell is hollow.
Nevertheless, the pressure on Bibi is great,and we are coming to crunch time re: Iran and perhaps Gaza with a need to re-capture the Philadelphia route.

I see Iraq wants to sue Israel for damage to the Osirak reactor.How about a counter-suit for the rockets sent toward Israel,not only for the damage, but the disruption of the economy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby it's cold outside/inside / Turkey / Harry Reid

All my really heavy winter clothes are up north,so the frigid cold is most unwelcome and uncomfortable. Going to synagogue in the morning with a 34-38 degee temp,and winds of 10-20 miles per hour are totally unexpected.
We haven't heard too much from the global warming crowd,especially now that we are talking about a 10-20 year cooling cycle.
Lesson-they are all full of baloney,since no one can predict from computer models anything but broad trends-that is until they are proven wrong.

The bitter anti-semitic attacks originating in Turkey and the PM's office, is hard to explain.
One day they want to act as mediators with Syria,the next day they reaffirm their friendship with Israel,and then they accuse Israel as being the most dangerous threat to world peace.

The Harry Reid saga is great for cable television,but despite some double standards for Dems,it will really not change the facts on the ground.The economy and jobs ( or lack of them,) and Obamacare will determine Harry Reid's future.Of course local factors will also work against him as they did when Majority Leader Tom Daschle was defeated.
Since none of us knows what is in the health bill,nor what is so far unresolved, it is impossible to know if it is "hanging by a thread" as Drudge reports or not.It is a sad lesson in democracy when the overwhelming majority (perhaps 80-90% ) of the Congress are sitting like puppies waiting for their master to come home and let them out on a leash to carry out their consitutions, and vote the party line.Then unless they live in solidly Dem. districts ,will have to go out and defend themselves, and ask their voters to send them back to Washington.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mithell threatens /Mass vote / The W word

The threat of Amb. Mitchell that the US could cut off loan guarantees( if Israel plays tough with Abbas)is a serious breach in the US-Israel relationship.
Firstly the PM should tell Mitchell to stay home now,as it is an inopportune time to meet under a threat condition.
Secondly its time for Israel to say,"thank you-but no thank you.."to further loan guarantees.Except for military aid,especially in protection against incoming rockets and certain types of bombs and planes)Israel is doing quite well economically.
Thirdly ,any time limit on negotiations works against Israel.There is no way there will ever be an agreement on the PA "right of return"---ever.Thus as they get closer to the 2 year mark,immense pressure will be placed 0n Israel.The same goes for Jerusalem.

The Mass. Senate race is tightening.It would be a miracle for the Reps. to win,but even a loss within a few points would be a victory,and send chills down the spines of the liberals.I could predict a Rep. victory,but it would be based not on facts(despite the latest poll) (or on momentum) but on a gut feeling that even in liberal Mass. people are fed up with Obamacare,taxes and rising defecits. Wew shall see on Jan. 19th.

While the President finally used the W word (war) he restricted it to Al Quada .He still does not really subscribe to a world war against islamo-fascists of all labels.
Nor does he or his team understand the difference in questioning a terrorist for weeks on end in military isolation as an enemy combatant to reading Miranda rights to a "suspect" immediately after apprehension, giving them a lawyer who advises silence and then even before we know REAL information offer them a "DEAL" that will come months or years later.
The only deal we should offer is the gas chamber vs hanging vs firing squad, with a lot of waterboarding thrown in.
Our next Pres. in 2012 ( a-la Reagan -post Carter) will have to undo all this left wing liberal internationalist approach.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Rahm Emanuel

Although there is a denial from Ambassador Oren, the story regarding Rahm Emanuel is quite believable.He is reported to have said that he is tired of the 'PEACE PROCESS" and if the parties don't make progress the US will withdraw from the process,as it is taking up too much time.
Firstly a great deal of the failure of the talks falls on his shoulders.He used the tough guy routine with Bibi,and convinced Obama to demand a full cessation of settlements,and promised Abbas that it would happen.Once Israel refused,Abbas has held out and refused to negotiate.
Emanuel because he is Jewish thought that they could push Israel,and perhaps bring down the Neatanyahu govt.Not only did he fail,but the left wing collapsed in Israel ,the country rallied around Bibi and the Israeli public has a very low opinion of Obama as a friend.
I predict that when the Dems lose some seats in the Senate, the President will finally have to deal with the Republicans and he will need to get rid of his Chicago team,and bring in a more moderate chief of staff like Tom Daschle or Byron Dorgan.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sen. Byron Dorgan / Guantanamo

The suprise announcement of the retirement of N.D. Senator Byron Dorgan is sure to shake up the politicians.He is a fine gentlemen,who visited our home in Monsey for a Huvpac event.His record on Israel has been 100%.
Up until now,he realized he faced a tough battle.In 2004 he won with a 68% majority,however healthcare is not popular in his state.He has 4 million dollars on hand however this will not be a good cycle for liberals.
Gov. John Hoeven who is a Republican, and is the longest serving Gov. in the country was considering a run.
Todays announcement should push him a little closer to joining the race.A possible GOP pickup.

Question -if Guantanamo causes moslems to join Al Quada , why did the terrorists blow up embassies,USS Cole, 9/11 ,the first world trade tower attempt,Rabbi Meir Kahane and so ,going back to Hezbollah in 1983 in Beirut------long before Guantanamo?

Monday, January 04, 2010


When I became President of the OU, I went to the kashruth Dept.,and asked why Tootsie Rolls were not kosher.I was told that an approach had been made,but the company,which was family held felt that an ingredient which would have to be changed was necessary for the product.I forgot about it until last week when I read that they will now have OU certification.I have not tasted it,but recall my youth when our standards were a bit different than today.

The remark that John Brennan WH Asst to the Pres for Homeland Security made regarding the criminal approach to the plane bomber is almost criminal on its own.
He said that the defendant knows that later perhaps to get concessions he can talk to authorities with information.In the meantime since being lawyered up,he has been silent.Under our system,that could be 3-5 years from now.How will that help us answer who he trained with,what are the nameS of other Yemeni terrorists,and so on.
No wonder the majority of Americans believe he should be waterboarded,and not given his Miranda rights.Too bad Mr Brennan was not a passenger on the planeTO REALLY FEEL WHAT IS AT STAKE.
The Obama approach is simply unbelievable.Why should we offer any concessions to someone who wanted to blow up a plane and kill 300 innocent lives.Get the information first,then kill him(after a militart tribunal) or put him away for life in GUANTANAMO.

The attack on Scott Rasmussen by liberals is fascinating.He has been the most accurate pollster in recent national and state elections.However instead oF wondering why Obama and his liberal cohorts have falling numbers,better to attack the pollster.
It reminds me of the attacks on Fox by the WH.These guys never learn.It will only drive more people to look at his web site daily.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Congressman Robert Wexler is leaving his Congressional seat here in Palm Beach County to take up a position in a left wing organization run by Danny Abraham.He hopes to convince Israelis that Obama is good for Israel.
Good Luck!
What is more interesting is that the reason he is leaving is the financial gain he will receive.Public records published today in the Palm Beach Post show he has "liabilities between $40,003 and $115,00 in credit card debt" (plus student loans).
No wonder he and his fellow Dem. liberals can vote to increase the deficit time after time.They themselves have no financial discipline.Of course he has resposibilities for 2 homes and children in college etc,but that is not the picture elected representatives who control our pursestrings and taxes should present.

I watched part of John Brennans CNN interview this morning.He is Asst. to the Pres.for Homeland Security.These guys must think that we Americans are idiots and simple.When asked in view of the relationship of the Islamic cleric in Yemen with both the X-mas attempted bomber and the Fort Hood shooter,would he now characterize the Fort Hood shooting as terror?,he refused to answer.
When asked regarding the comparison of 9/11 and the plane incident with a failure to connect dots and a breakdown of the 9/11 Commission recommendations,he became defensive and denied it.Minutes later former NJ Gov. Kaine Vice-Chmn of the Commission,placed blame on the Administration, for exactly those reasons-taking their eyes off the ball, and concentrating only on healthcare etc .
The "War on Terror" will still be our priority long after Obama leaves office.
Meantime Brennan and Napalitano must go!By the way,Brennan did not think it signicant that a wealthy prestigious Nigerian banker would get the courage to turn his son in because the father did not say the word"TERRORIST"Also Brennan was in Saudi Arabia when they tried to kill the King or Prince with an underwear bomb.He did not hve the "sechel"brains to say to himself-"hey maybe they can use this on a flight"anD start the intelligence community planning.No he said there was no alert on air travel-therefore why get upset?

Friday, January 01, 2010

A new year

I recall 10 years ago at the Millenium,how nervous we were that there would be a systemic failure in cyberspace.The terrible cost of the new decade and century was on everybody's mind.I remember that New Years eve was Friday nite,and some lamented that they would miss out on this once in a lifetime party because of shabbat.
Ten years of good and bad times have passed.Our country has been involved in 2 wars
and the political bitterness has never been so acute.We are divided culturally between those who want to remake America into a part of Europe and the socialist world,while rejecting our power and destiny to lead the world,and those who disagree.
The hallmark of the Obama and co. complaint to every problem is "we inherited it from Bush".Yet Sec. Gates was Defense Sec under Bush,and Geithner headed the NY Fed.
Yes Bush left plenty of problems,including Iran.and an economy that was overspending.He did not veto bills that should have been stopped.Yet one year is enough time to take respobsibility.
On security,foreign affairs,bipartisanship, healthcare,and revising the economy he has been a failure.If the polls are correct there will be a massive change of power in Congress.
While ideally healthcare Obamastyle should be repealed(if passed) that will be difficult.More possible will be to defund every beaurocrat and office that needs an appropriation in this area,and keep adding additions to bills that cannot be vetoed, but will emasculate the Pelosi-Reid bill.