Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There are different appearance of those who hate Jewa.
Some are the violent type who either irrationally or with planning will try to kill or maim Jews.Such was todays shooter at the Holocaust Museum.
There are those who can control these emotions,but walk the walk, by verbal attacks,membership in organizations that preach their message.They can be found on inernet sites and so on.
Others,would never hire a Jew if they could,or vote for one,nor support a candidate who was pro-Israel.
Obviously there are gradations in all of these.
Of course in todays lingo the Holocaust denier can be the most dangerous.
Then there is the individual who cannot stand the State of Israel,but professes love for Jews.He may even call himself "a friend of Israel".That person may have Jewish advisors and friends(aka anti-zionist).But like Gerrge Ball in a previous era, states that as a friend of Israel, they need "TOUGH LOVE" or "we must help Israel IN SPITE OF HERSELF".